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AE Blue Co-Organizes Stanford-SLAC Extreme Energy Workshop
May 2024
Photos: Stanford University
AE Blue co-organized the Workshop on Extreme Energy: From Breakthroughs to Commercialization, organized by Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
Its goal was to bring stakeholders from industry, government, and academia together to identify the opportunities and challenges associated with utilization of extreme energy sources (with working temperatures above 500 K) to power human civilization on Earth and beyond.  Energy from extreme sources such as fusion, enhanced geothermal, and space-based/concentrated solar, although viewed as high-risk or “moonshot” technologies, have the potential to provide sustainable and clean power if resourced safely and scaled appropriately.  A radical blend of subject matter experts in science, engineering, venture, and policy provides a unique forum to bridge the gaps necessary to build momentum and bring pivotal scientific breakthroughs to actual commercialization—in time to make a difference.
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AE Blue Founder Matthew Chase Levy Interviewed at the New York Stock Exchange: FintechTV
January 2024
Photos: FintechTV
Matthew Chase Levy discusses Oppenheimer — what happened after the events of the movie? — AI, values-based investing, and how to win in fusion via hedged investments.
Watch the 15 minute interview with Jeff Gitterman, host of TheIMPACT, by clicking below.
Helicity, AE Blue Portfolio Company, Raises $5M Seed Round led by Airbus Ventures
December 2023
Helicity is building a novel fusion-drive for space applications.
The funding round was led by Airbus Ventures and was covered in MSN,, TechCrunch, SpaceNews, and other outlets.
AE Blue Portfolio Company Wins Part of $42M US Government Award
December 2023
Photo: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The award is part of the National Science and Technology Accelerated Research for Fusion Innovation & Reactor Engineering hub.
U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm said “We now have the confidence that it’s not only possible, but probable, that fusion energy can be a reality.”
New York Times Features 3 AE Blue Portfolio Companies
December 2023
3 AE Blue portfolio companies — and their founders — are quoted in a front-page New York Times article on fusion.
Reporter Kenneth Chang writes “a decade ago, a report by the National Academy of Sciences found much to like in the energy potential of laser fusion but recommended that the United States hold off major investments until ignition was achieved. That time is now.”
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